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Real and abstract

Ben Moore's paintings, in the exhibition coming to the Prince Street Gallery, depict subjects including landscapes, still lifes and cityscapes with various degrees of realism and abstraction. But the purpose in each painting is the same: to delineate the formal relationship between shapes and colors on an abstract surface, while keeping a natural vision. The result is pictures that work on many levels. Above: "The Garden," oil on canvas, 20 ins. x 24 ins., 1993.

Paintings by Ben Moore,
at Prince Street Gallery

Cover (a news magazine)
Ben Moore

Focusing on landscapes, figures and still life, Ben Moore distributes colors that retain the palpability of the brush and the faint homage implied. The subject, though at the forefront, is sublimated into an overall composition that has the resonance of Roualt and the brilliantly slack light of Fairfileld Porter. Immersed in a Formalist style, Moore says the subject is not so important as is how it's painted, the design element, the color, the depth. 

In one studio still life three planes-window, table and cloth-balance the organic shape of a bouquet. In the landscapes leafy, verdurous plants are similarly assigned to break up the regular lines of humid barns and introspective porch rails. "I like to use receding perspectives and flatten it at the same time. I pick an unusual setting and work the scene so there is a perfectly harmonious tension. I like to manipulate the forms that fit together in an interlocking, abstract formal way, but then the eyes perceive the depth and that tension between what lies on the surface and the distance I create is what interests me." 

There's a difference between pretty and beautiful and Ben Moore is investigating that edge with skill and conviction. 

Darrin Crane

Public Shows

January 1994 Showing December 1992 Showing

The Garden
oil on canvas, 20" x 24", 1993


December 17 - January 12, 1994
Opening Reception: Friday, December 17

121 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10012

14th Street
oil on canvas, 60" x 68" 1991
Photo: Bob Sasson

New Members


November 27 - December 16, 1992
Opening Reception: Friday, December 4

121 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10012

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